4 Basic Tips For Maintaining Your Lawn In Tallahassee



We all wish to have beautiful lawns in our house and our business premises, but the problem is that we all fail to maintain them perhaps due to lack of knowledge. The grass in our lawn becomes dry, and the overall appearance of the lawn looks ugly, and then we get frustrated. To maintain your lawn, you must be equipped with adequate knowledge for keeping your lawn green and attractive.

Here are 4 basic tips for maintaining your lawn in Tallahassee:

#1: Mowing tips

Mowing seems like a simple task, but many people do not know how to do it in the right way. Ideally, the best way to mow your lawn is to maintain about a third of the blades of the grasses. Avoid cutting the grass from beneath as this could expose the soil and encourage weed to grow. Mowing your lawn once in a week is ideal in many seasons. However, in springtime you should mow it more often. Mowing after 4 or 5 in a week keeps your grass on its ideal height. Mowing more frequently can cause stress on your grass and make your lawn look overrun.

#2: Fertilizers

Give your grass nutrition that it needs. Fertilizers are food for your grass. For the optimal growth of your green yard, apply fertilizers once in a while. Bear in mind that this task should also be done properly. Carefully read labels on your fertilizer bags and know the best time when to apply them.

#3: Weed prevention tips

Weeds should be removed upon the sight of them in your lawn. There are pre-emergent herbicides you can use. The proper application of these herbicides is before the weeds begin to sprout. Proper timing can help prevent large-scale damage of weeds on your lawn. It is best to check proper usage with a professional lawn care service.

#4: Flowers

If you want your lawn to get decorated with beautiful flowers then use those seeds sold on the market which when sown will germinate into a particular type of beautiful flowers. To maintain flower beds in your lawn, you have to give a lot of your precious time to it in selecting that what type of flowers must be planted and what will be their arrangement and combinations in the flower beds. But after spending this much time in your Tallahassee lawn care, you will see the beauty and the welcoming image which come along with your lawn.


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